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- ELPH -

Born 1977, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, started writing graffiti badly aged 12, got a little better 1992/93, joined Many Style Crew 1994. Inspired by alcoholism and alcohol abuse (a national sport in Scotland), the big nosed wino characters were first created around 1997. A childhood of bad 1980’s anti-communist propaganda movies from the US sparked a great deal of uniformed soldiers, lost between the Vietnam war and WW2. Elph’s days are spent painting and drawing.

- VUES -

Coming Soon...

- SMUG -


Is a Glasgow based artist specialising in characters and photo-realistic graffiti.

Since discovering graffiti about ten years ago Smug's work quickly grew into a perfectionist's obsession with heavy line work, letters and characters which has developed into a more photo-realistic style that has been exhibited widely.

Smug's paintings are meticulously rendered works which draw upon an eclectic range of influences, often making uncomfortable subjects into stunning pieces on canvas and in industrial and abandoned settings...'



Estum is a graffiti artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although known more for his unique style of 3d wildstyle lettering, Estum also carries an arsenal of psychedelic drenched characters, which carry through the style of his unorthodox approach to piecing. Expect rabbit heads growing out of trees, back into acid fused fantasy lands and budular growths of lettering i.e. ensuring the secret wars crowds are provided with their necessary doses of mind expansion!



REKOR Is a Glasgow based artist, with a background in Graphic design and Graffiti. He has exhibited in many shows across Scotland, including the Fusion exhibition at SWG3 and a group show at the GRV 2008. He has painted all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa and prolifically across Europe.

He sites graffiti, graphic art, Japanese, Pop and Street culture among his influences. His style is contemporary and fresh but with roots firmly in the era of graffiti that most inspires him, original 70s New York painting.



Conzo is a Glasgow based artist who enjoys Poking fun at the seriousness of life which can be seen in his work and which possibly deprives from growing up in a town outside Glasgow where religion intervenes with football giving birth to a high level of sectarianism and the Sunday attire would be to arm yourself with a bottle of Buckfast, a pair of tracksuit bottoms and the prayer would be some casual racism. So finding humour in things that are commonly serious for the wrong reason became easy for Conzo to take the p*ss out of.

Conzo has been painting for over six years now, always trying out new mediums, working with letterforms, spray-paint, illustrations and digital design (or climbing a 30ft haunted tree in his local town and tying a pair 6ft hand stitched Y-fronts to the top for the whole town to see) His work is commonly character based, focused on the unfortunate shaped and ugly local people he has came across in his time. The serving point of Conzo is carry on, nonsense and reaction!

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